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Cool Page comes packed with features to make web pages and e-books
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Gone are the times when webpage creation was considered a tough job. Earlier, people used to hire webpage developers or software engineers for the same thing. This was because it required the knowledge to use HTML. With the introduction of Cool Page, not only has webpage designing been made fast and fun, but also so simple and easy to work with, that it can even be used by people who do not have a strong hold over HTML.

This tool comes all packed with features to make web pages and e-books more beautiful and easy to create. Pictures and other objects can be attached to a page also allowing the text to be corrected. The page can be completely edited by changing fonts, colors, borders and adding images. Important features also include quick preview, free internet publishing with just one click.

The option of reverting back the actions unlimited number of time keep the document safe at all times. The objects can be moved precisely with exact dimensions, thanks to pixel accuracy.
Other very useful features of the tool include exporting pages in HTML, creating a brag and drop HTML object for inserting HTML as well as submission of the page to different search engines.

Luis Sanchez
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  • Easy interface and free to try


  • Help topics are not vey much useful
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